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Luxury Charlotte Real Estate

When you are planning on selling your luxury real estate property anywhere in the greater Charlotte area, you want an agent on your side who will not just simply list and show your property to potential buyers, but an agent who will market your property to the right buyers. Choosing RE/MAX Metrolina is the best choice that you can make when you’re looking to sell your luxury property. We employ college- educated, highly experienced luxury real estate experts. Your options and approaches to selling are never limited by your agent, because we see endless possibilities! You can rest assured that your listing will be well advertised, since campaigns are funded by collective resources from our entire company. Every agent works closely with an advertising expert on the campaign to sell your home.

Our approach to marketing is simple - we focus on your goals first. Everything else is secondary. This is how we re-wrote the book on luxury home marketing We want our focus to be on what matters to you most as the seller. Our goal is to sell homes. That means we sell your home for the most amount of money possible in the least amount of time. As you can see, our business model is completely seller- centric. This is why our company provides an advantage to you as a luxury home seller.

We rely on more than the multiple listing service (MLS) to sell real estate. While buyers can find your property this way, we target our advertising to attract the right buyers for your property. We use a full-bodied approach to help you reach your financial and time sensitive goals in selling your luxury home. As experienced real estate professionals, we employ dynamic strategies that are suited specifically to selling your property. Our real estate agents work closely with advertising agents to get your home off of the market as quickly as possible. We understand affluent consumers and what they’re looking for. No typical luxury real estate agents can compare to RE/MAX Metrolina. With a combination of education, experience, and simple planning, RE/MAX Metrolina rises above the rest.

Luxury Marketing BluePrint®

RE/MAX Metrolina begins the process of selling your home by designing a custom, Luxury Marketing BluePrint®. This serves to explain our strategy and creates a clear path which leads to the success of your transaction. While our methods differ based on your specific home, our goal is always to captivate the attention of every potential luxury buyer from your home town, as well as scores of potential buyers from across the world. It's the most effective approach to selling Luxury Real Estate available to any homeowner, in any market. And it’s exclusively offered by the marketing professionals at RE/MAX Metrolina.


Charlotte Short Sale Experts

Not every homeowner has the necessary equity or liquid funds on hand which will allow them to sell at market value. And while RE/MAX Metrolina regularly sells homes for more than market value, only so much is possible. When a homeowner is upside-down by 15, 20, or even 30 percent, it's time to consider other options. And when you absolutely must sell, even without equity or cash on hand, then a short sale is usually your next best choice.

RE/MAX Metrolina Short Sale Experts don't believe that foreclosure should ever be an option; nor, do we think that owning your home should create an unnecessary burden on you or your family. That's why, for over 11 years, our associates have been helping homeowners successfully process short sale transactions. In fact, we manage an in-house department of short sale specialists who work with partner attorneys to provide any luxury real estate owner with expert Charlotte Short Sale marketing & processing services. Absolutely no one in the country is more qualified and more dedicated to the needs of short selling homeowners than RE/MAX Metrolina.

When you combine the Luxury Marketing BluePrint, college-educated marketing experts and short sale specialists from within the mortgage industry itself, you have a real option that truly meets the needs of every luxury real estate owner on the East Coast, no matter where you stand with your mortgage company.

We'll sell your home, guaranteed

Real Estate is local and it always will be. Whether you live in Charlotte or anywhere else in the Carolinas, you'll need a Realtor who knows your community and understands the sales trends which lead to market results. RE/MAX Metrolina uses some of the most advanced market data analysis tools available anywhere in the industry. Even before you list your home with us, our college-educated experts will show you more than just comparable sales and we'll do a lot more than simply "guess" the price at which your home will sell. We'll show you where the market has been, where it's going and, most importantly, we'll provide a detailed translation which describes how that impacts the sale of your specific home, while taking into consideration each of your home's unique variables. Our in-depth understanding of your home's real market value, ensures the right price, every single time. When you allow the marketing of your home at the right price, we're so confident that you'll sell that we offer a Right Price Guarantee in every customized Marketing Blueprint. Put simply, if you follow our advice then your home will sell, guaranteed. Call a RE/MAX Metrolina marketing expert today, for details!

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To learn more about our process and how we’ll design your Luxury Marketing BluePrint, click the link for “Sellers” at the top of the page or, just give us a call right now. We’re looking forward to introducing you to an entirely different world of luxury real estate marketing (704) 727-4111.

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